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Our Mission & Vision


We, Enge Reha Support, offer some seminars. They are designed specially for cervical auscultation to all diffident staffs in hospital, dentist and care home who are in charge of swallowing.


We aim to cultivate and develop your cervical auscultation skills.

We help you to enable swallowing diagnosis properly, then you could give effective rehabilitation training to your patient to prevent from aspiration pneumonia, even if your work place does not have swallowing contrast test(VF) nor swallowing video endscopy(VE). 


Lecturer's Profile



Hiroaki Onoki


Workplace & Position

Representative of Enge Reha Support

Ogasawara Home-visiting Nurse Station in Gifu, Japan




Speech Therapist

Qualifier of __________ in Japan

Specialist of __________




"Cervical Auscultation Training"

"Manual for Swallowing Evaluation---you can see the swallowing"

"Indirect Training Guide Book"

These three books give you knowledge and skill of cervical auscultation and rehabilitation.


They are must-have-books for ST, nurse, PT, OT, nutritionist, dental hygienist and all staff relating swallowing rehabilitation.